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Gram Tax and Accounting Case Study

How GRAM Tax & Accounting leveraged Social Media to battle the BIG 4 in Canada


The Problem

Rukie Liyanage is a Partner at Gram Tax and Accounting, a boutique Accounting firm based out of Toronto, Canada. As a small accounting firm, Rukie understood it would be an uphill battle to go head to head with large accounting firms like Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG in the google ad words space.

The Solution

Identifying an industry inefficiency in leveraging social media, I decided to rebuild Rukie’s professional and personal social media presence and establish a clear marketing foundation. Noticing the saturated market on google ad spend and SEO, Reach Agency shifted Gram Tax and Accounting's focus onto earned media, enabling Rukie to build a strong library of industry relevant content that is is company owned and company distributed. This has allowed Gram to to authentically engage with its followers and build a strong community of brand advocates (#gramfam).

The Specifics

1.     Content elevation – rebuilt Gram’s branding on social

2.     Brand Tone and Identity – developed a clear missions statement,

3.     Identified ideal customer profiles (ICPs) to target

4.     developed Content Strategy to build content at scale

5.     Content creation – partnered Gram with photographers to build branded content

6.     Developed a Tech Stack to streamline content development

7.     Social Channel platform set up – created channels on Instagram and Facebook

8.     Social Media Management and Community Development

The Results

With a clear go-to-market strategy and streamlined content creation process, Rukie has been able to establish Gram Tax and Accounting as an accounting firm that caters to sole proprietors and small businesses. In providing thought provoking and educational content, Gram Tax and Accounting has challenged the paradigm and exposed its audience to industry relevant knowledge.

In 6 short months, Gram Tax and Accounting has completely rebranded its tone and identity, establishing itself as a hub for consumers hungry for educational content. This has led to an incredible 400% in growth in instagram followers (379 to 1,800) and a noticeable increase in reach and engagement.

More importantly, Gram Tax and Accounting has established itself as a trusted, thought leader in Tax and Accounting in the Canadian market.

The Impact – By the Numbers

Instagram Followers

Instagram Reach

Instagram: 2,261 New Followers (571% YTD growth), 45,432 New Reach (7,472% YTD growth)
Facebook:  9,000+ New Accounts Reached on Facebook (1,026% YTD growth)